Photo by Danae Hampton Photography 2018

Photo by Danae Hampton Photography 2018


Natasha M. Rubin…

 is a wife, mother of two boys, business owner, and entrepreneur. Natasha is the Founder and Facilitator of Passion to Purpose Women (P2P), an online global network for women eager to discover their passions and purpose. Natasha is also the creator of Gifted Assistant Management Services, where she provides administrative and project management services virtually, to small business owners and entrepreneurs. In her day job, Natasha enjoys being an Elementary School Teacher in the Prince George’s County Public School District in Maryland, where she lives with her husband Brian of 18 years and her two boys Solomon and Samuel.

Natasha’s love for writing was ignited as a young girl. It is her desire to share her stories with women across the globe to serve as encouragement and inspiration.



"Great book. It will challenge once again believe, trust and hold onto the promises of God." ~JJ


"There's so many practical applications in this book. I feel as if Natasha is sharing her story with a few close friends." ~DJ


"From the first pages I was instantly compelled by Natasha’s story only to keep reading and see my story as well. No matter what promise from God you are waiting on, you will find the strength, courage, and wisdom to trust His timing with patience and an unshakeable faith. This book will bring every reader encouragement and a comforting friend who knows exactly what you are going through because she’s been there too. Awesome book!"~CLP



The wait is over! The new book is finally here! 




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